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The Craters | Samba Party

A two-piece collaboration between Wes Kaplan and Jared Arnold, The Craters bring lo-fi sensibility to everything they touch – a Midas gift in reverse, abstracting loose change from a pure source of gold. They come hewn from the Amazing Wow

Passions | Music Without Tears

I’m usually turned right off by any musical project that has the backing of a clothing manufacturer. It’s a little illogical, given that I enjoy consuming both music and clothes, but there’s a certain pall of overt commercialism that never

Dimlite | Quiz Tears

You and I both know that 2+2 always equals 5, but can we also contend with the fact that 7×7 now equals 8? Once in a while, a label comes along and deftly captures an artist just as they clamber

Poirier | Mix For Sinden

The first thing I thought when I read Ghislain Poirier‘s latest email missive was ‘Oh, I see Ghis has a new haircut’. Yup, I’m that shallow. What I should have thought was ‘Nice! A tidy mix from Sinden’s Kiss show

Discontent – Mixtape Two

The Discontent Mixtape series is an irregular series of compilations, designed to give blog readers an extreme intro into the Discontent world – a collection of tracks that have appeared on the blog in recent times. For this, the second

Kid606 | Samhain California (Remix)

Whilst Kid606‘s most recent masks have been designed with bass-licking raveheads in mind, it’s worth reflecting that the Kid has been on a long and winding road since his first release in 1998. Back then, particularly releases such as ‘Down

Vorad Fils | Android Creche

Vorad Fils is the solo guise of Sydney producer John Hassell, who also fills his days working with local electronic three-piece Seekae and their high-school precursor Songs For Surgery. Clearly professing his love of Boards Of Canada on his Myspace

Tortoise | High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In

Next month, Tortoise drop their sixth album ‘Beacons Of Ancestorship’. 2004’s ‘It’s All Around You’ was a recurring feature on my playlist for that year, the sound of Tortoise amalgamating all that had gone before into one cohesive session. In

Databass Eclectic Audio (Mixtape)

Music played a large hand in the genesis of Thee Data Base, a zine that I co-edited with Alan Benzie back in the 1990s. And whilst music was well represented in the content of the zine itself, it was actually the

Growing | Green Flag

I’ve been listening to the new I.U.D. album this week, led in by the hand of Lizzi Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance. On ‘The Proper Sex’ she teams with Growing‘s Sadie Laska for a six tracker that scored a mighty

Telafonica | Laughing At Trees

As a collective of seven permanent members and an ecosystem of many more, the audio and visual output of Sydney’s Telafonica is hard to keep track of. That said, the seemingly endless sprawl of creativity is ensuring that roots are

Jonny Faith | Beat Research

Jonny Faith and I share the same pilgrim heritage – decamping from the horizontal rain, biting winds and dumb midgies of Scotland to Australia, to the city of Sydney (one of the most misunderstood cities in the world). Thus ensconced

Ourself Beside Me | Medicine Girl

By way of a sequel to the recent White post, Ourself Beside Me are the second of the two tangents that emerged following the split of Beijing’s Hang On The Box. Whilst Shenggy drifted off to join White with Carsick

White | Build A Link, Bai

Experience has taught me that new, weird music is being made literally everywhere, on every square millimetre of this globe, and thus – forging ahead with such a theory – China should be no different. Yet, despite wrangling bastard algorithms

Randy Barracuda | Swkee Like A Pig

A new interview with Randy Barracuda over at skweee.com reminded me that I should get back into the skwee loop and post more of this Scandanavian blend of bleep-tronica, twitch hip hop, r&b and funk. By no means a new

These Are Powers | Life Of Birds

The fact that 99.99% of the world’s population does not live in Brooklyn cuts both ways. Fortunately, we manage to avoid Dan Humphrey mumbling faux-etry on street corners whilst gazing longingly at the Upper East Side, but sadly we miss

Run Riot Records | Gouseion, Atermis Jackson, Mutamassik, YSLE

While scratching around the interweb, seeking out anything new from Egypt-via-NYC producer Miss Mutamassik, I was led by the ear to Run Riot Records – home of Mutamassik’s new ‘Commo’ EP. If you’re like me (in which case, may your

Lloop | Lei-Tzu

As one third of Argriculture Records notional ‘supergroup’ WeTM, Rich Panciera joined DJ Olive and Once 11 in not only crafting three fine albums in their own right, but also acting as top shelf suppliers of premium ‘illbient’. However, it

Prefuse 73 | Preparation’s Kids Choir

And thus a new Prefuse album was born. From the mind of the prolific Guillermo Scott Herren comes another superior exercise in beat physics, once again pushing himself out of the cocoon of the last album sessions, gorging and filtering

Fol Chen | Cable TV (Liars Remix)

Let’s do ‘pop’ for five minutes: albeit right-angled, Liars remixed pop – no Gaga here. LA quintet Fol Chen draft Liars drummer Julian Gross for a reversioned take on their new cut, ‘Cable TV’. For all the promise Liars might

Cauto | Despertar

Born into a family of musicians, it’s unsurprising that it’s taken Barcelona’s Cauto no time at all to make his mark on the dub/step & electronic community. With releases on dj/Rupture‘s Dutty Artz (on the excellent Dutty Remix Zero release),