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Out From Under – Albums of 2019

Out From Under playlist cover featuring HTRK

My program ‘Out From Under’ on London’s Resonance FM pushes Australian underground and experimental music further into the ether – and 2019 was a phenomenal year for wayward and warped local sounds.

The ‘Out From Under’ Albums Of 2019 playlist is up on Spotify, and features (in no particular order) tracks from this collective of artists, all shredding conventionalism in some form or another.

Freak Wave – Albums of 2019

freak wave playlist 2019

I’ve been digging deep for the Freak Wave podcast ‘Albums of 2019’ list, featuring warped, mutant music from around the world, and you can find them all gathered together on a new Spotify playlist. If you haven’t yet caught the podcast, this is the perfect jumping on point – and if you dig this, the full archive of Freak Wave episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

Freak Wave 009 – 33emybw, Sabiwa, Gnoomes +

In Episode 9 of Freak Wave we visit Uganda, Kenya, Italy, Russia, Spain, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Brazil for an hour-long hit of mutant music from outside the margins.

Freak Wave 008 – Kunnatic, MSYLMA, Rui Ho +

Episode 8 of Freak Wave features 60 minutes of mutant music from around the world, from Iceland, China, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

Freak Wave 007 – Sea Urchin, Yu Su, Sarathy Korwar +

Venturing deep into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis, with radical music from India, Poland, Portugal, China, Russia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Freak Wave 006 – Grup Ses, Anatolian Weapons, Harrga +

In this episode, we take in radical and divergent sounds from Greece, Turkey, Colombia, Tunisia, Tanzania, Japan, Ukraine and more.  We kick off with a true contender for my album of the year ‘Ofiodaimon’ – the psych-folk & synth collaboration from the Greek producer Anatolian Weapons and folk musician Seirios Savvaidis.

Out From Under #31 – New Music: Alexandra Spence, J Campbell, Allume

It’s 100% new Australian experimental and exploratory music on this week’s Out From Under. We’ll be listening to: new sound works from both musician and composer Rosalind Hall and Sydney’s Alexandra Spence;  the Melbourne duo of Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi on a celebratory compilation from Altered State Tapes; minimal electronics meets exquisite vocals in new work from Allume and Eitanr; plus new music from Logic 1000, Automating, J Campbell and the deliciously named Little Songs Of The Mutilated.

Freak Wave 005 – CÉCI, AMMAR 808, Charlotte Adigéry +

Episode 005 of Freak Wave once again ventures into marginal music scenes from around the world, featuring left of field music from Tunisia, Japan, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Italy.

Out From Under #28 – New Music: Emily Glass, Furchick, Makeda +

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down.

This week’s Out From Under is a new music special, taking a deep dive into an ocean of new music releases from Australian experimental artists. 

Out From Under Season 2 – New Australian experimental music

I’m back on your radio this Sunday (7th April 2019) with the second series of Out From Under – diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down.

Freak Wave 004 – Maarja Nuut, Nihiloxica, Senyawa +

Venturing into marginal music scenes from around the world, Episode 004 features off-centre music from Uganda, Tunisia, Estonia, Indonesia, Japan, Spain and Iceland.

Freak Wave 003 – Khalab, Jay Glass Dubs, Zongamin +

Uncovering music from Greece, Bolivia, Indonesia, Japan, Italy and more in Episode 003, venturing into marginal music scenes from around the world.

NEW MUSIC. Arabstazy ‘Under Frustration’

A new collaborative project from Arabstazy, who explore connections between heritage, identity, culture and digital arts. Under Frustration is the first of a planned three-part compilation series which surveys the contemporary Arabic electronic music scene. Most of the work here is abstract and mercurial, with a few cross-referential touch points – if electronic music has ceased to surprise you, this will reawaken your senses.

Freak Wave 002 – Kelman Duran, Angel-Ho, Hama +

Episode 2 of Freak Wave ventures into experimental, underground and leftfield music from Dominican Republic, Niger, South Africa, Norway, Japan, Ecuador and Greece.

Freak Wave 001 – Jibóia, Nazar, Lucrecia Dalt +

Freak Wave is my brand new podcast which features underground and experimental music from around the world, venturing into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis. Episode 1 kicks off with music from Portugal, Malaysia, Colombia, Italy, Angola, Spain and France.

NEW MUSIC. Rabbit Island ‘Deep In The Big’

A few months ago, I revisited Rabbit Island’s brilliant debut album, 2011’s ‘O God Come Quick’. With no sign of a follow-up, I idly filed it away as a ‘one and done’ moment of genius. In a joyful burst of synchronicity, I received an email about her follow-up the very next day. I can’t say that I willed this album into existence, but something about that timeline makes the dream seem very real. Perth’s Rabbit Island finds a new approach with ‘Deep In The Big’, her near-ASMR vocals and unvarnished story-telling now come layered under luscious reverb and elliptical, delayed piano.

‘Fat Planet – Albums Of 2018’ on Spotify

Selections from the Fat Planet Albums Of The Year are now on Spotify – over two hours of the best albums released around the world in 2018. The playlist includes Farai and her dramatic update on post-punk and new wave; Angelique Kidjo’s brilliant rework of Talking Heads ‘Remain In Light’; Congolese poet, musician, and film director Baloji; Turkish psych pop star Gaye Su Akyol and more.

NEW MUSIC. Moontribe ‘Moontribe’

It’s noteworthy when an artist is invisible on the internet, which is probably the point of the exercise, but it’s a risky gamble. Israel’s Fortuna Records up the ante with Moontribe by adding a spurious back story. The album was allegedly submitted on an unmarked two-inch tape – no names, no dates – accompanied only by the cryptic note, that it was “a snake-charming voodoo ritual, in which Moontribe is the Shaman”.

‘Freak Wave’ – Spotify Playlist

Freak Wave is my new Spotify playlist featuring underground and experimental music from around the world. It’s the flip side to the Fat Planet radio show on Double J – Fat Planet broadcast from the Upside Down  – venturing into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis. The first wash of tracks come from Nazar (Angola), Senyawa (Indonesia), Muqata’a (Palestine), SAICOBAB (Japan), Moslem Priest (Malaysia), Deena Abdelwahed (Tunisia), Exploded View (Mexico/Germany), Scattered Purgatory and Forests 森林 (both from Taiwan) and more.

‘Fat Planet’ – Spotify Playlist

Fat Planet breaks new world records every week on the Double J show and then plays the highlight reel on its Spotify playlist. New adds this week from Yama Warashi, Onipa, Ziminio, Baba Commandant, Nova Materia, Farao, Cyril Cyril, Sunna and more. New program episodes Weds 8pm AEST. Stream at abc.net.au/doublej

‘Fat Planet – Björk’ on Spotify

Did I tell you that I spoke to Björk on the telephone? No? Surprising, as I tell EVERYONE that I meet, EVERY DAY 🙂 I’m still pinching myself, one year later … To tie in with my 2017 Björk interview on Double J, I created a Spotify playlist that takes a trip through the flip side of her career – early work, B-sides, remixes, album cuts and rare collaborations. If you think you know Björk, this might help you to think again.