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Out From Under – Albums of 2019

Out From Under playlist cover featuring HTRK

My program ‘Out From Under’ on London’s Resonance FM pushes Australian underground and experimental music further into the ether – and 2019 was a phenomenal year for wayward and warped local sounds.

The ‘Out From Under’ Albums Of 2019 playlist is up on Spotify, and features (in no particular order) tracks from this collective of artists, all shredding conventionalism in some form or another.

Freak Wave – Albums of 2019

freak wave playlist 2019

I’ve been digging deep for the Freak Wave podcast ‘Albums of 2019’ list, featuring warped, mutant music from around the world, and you can find them all gathered together on a new Spotify playlist. If you haven’t yet caught the podcast, this is the perfect jumping on point – and if you dig this, the full archive of Freak Wave episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

Freak Wave 009 – 33emybw, Sabiwa, Gnoomes +

In Episode 9 of Freak Wave we visit Uganda, Kenya, Italy, Russia, Spain, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Brazil for an hour-long hit of mutant music from outside the margins.

Provenance – Spotify Playlist

The Provenance Spotify playlist has been rebuilt from the ground up, and is the perfect jumping on point if you’ve yet to have the pleasure. The new selection takes a completely fresh look at the catalogue, drawing new parallels between artists and their work – and also points the way to a growing slate of new releases for 2020.

Freak Wave 008 – Kunnatic, MSYLMA, Rui Ho +

Episode 8 of Freak Wave features 60 minutes of mutant music from around the world, from Iceland, China, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

Interview – Out Of The Box

Happy Birthday FBi Radio on your sweet sixteen. I returned to where it all started this week and chatted to Joey Watson on Out Of The Box about 00s-era FBI, Fat Planet and New Weird Australia; and took time to painstakingly describe MP3 blogs to the Spotify generation. Out of five songs I chose, only two were by Bjork – which I actually feel is very restrained.

Freak Wave 007 – Sea Urchin, Yu Su, Sarathy Korwar +

Venturing deep into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis, with radical music from India, Poland, Portugal, China, Russia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Freak Wave 006 – Grup Ses, Anatolian Weapons, Harrga +

In this episode, we take in radical and divergent sounds from Greece, Turkey, Colombia, Tunisia, Tanzania, Japan, Ukraine and more.  We kick off with a true contender for my album of the year ‘Ofiodaimon’ – the psych-folk & synth collaboration from the Greek producer Anatolian Weapons and folk musician Seirios Savvaidis.

Out From Under #37 – New Music: Corin, Luke Howard, Call Compatible +

In the final episode of the second season of Out From Under, we investigate a host of new releases from the underside of the Australian music scene.

There’s dramatic, angular electronics on Corin’s stunning new album on Bedouin Records ; Melbourne composer Luke Howard gets remixed by Fia Fiell and Nina Buchanan; we hear from Perth minimal psych duo Erasers; we delve into releases from producers Puscha and Yunzero; we hear two tracks from a new Brisbane compilation called Aussy Bangers; plus new music from artist and curator Gail Priest, Sydney’s Call Compatible and Melbourne noise artist Beast Bones.

Provenance – The Definitive Action Series

This time last year, I wasn’t sure there would be another chapter in the Provenance story. Whilst the label was never intended to be part of a music ‘industry’, attention and acclaim and metrics were all nonetheless benchmarks for success; and low returns on all fronts put me in a difficult place. I put the label to sleep, conflicted about its place and purpose, possibly never to wake up.

But here we are, 12 months later, with four releases out this week from SiaMelissaSeb and Andrew – aka Shoeb AhmadSebastian FieldArrom and Ahm, coupled together as The Definitive Action Series.

Out From Under #36 – Archival: The 1980s (Part II)

This episode of Out From Under is the second of a two part journey travelling back to 1980s Australia, surveying some of the most interesting experimental and underground music being made during the decade.

We’ll hear from key players in the proto-electronic and post-punk scene such as Scattered Order, Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Systematics, Prod and more; plus experimental music from Toy Division, The Horse He’s Sick, Splendid Mess and composer Helen Ripley-Marshall, and from one of Andy Rantzen’s early projects, Pelican Daughters.

Out From Under #35 – Archival: The 1980s (Part I)

On this week’s Out From Under, Stu Buchanan visits 1980s Australia; drawing out some of the most interesting experimental music being made across the decade.

We hear from a cross-section of experimental and underground artists; including those whose lights shone brightly in Australia but not far beyond, such as Laughing Hands, Essendon Airport and Browning Mummery, as well as artists that achieved recognition on an international scale including Severed Heads and Dead Can Dance. We also hear music by Ian Hartley, Warren Burt and composer Sarah Hopkins, who – 35 years later – would go on to collaborate with Bjork on her ‘Utopia’ album.

Out From Under #34 – Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes)


On this week’s Out From Under, I’m talking with Cooper Bowman – musician and artist, and founder of the Australian cassette label Altered States Tapes. 

The tape label, which recently celebrated its 100th release, features music that sits across punk, industrial, experimental, electronic and noise, with a roster that spans both Australian and international artists.

Cooper talks about making music and making tapes, and pulls out a selection of tracks from the label’s past, present and future – including a number of unreleased exclusives from LST, Sleep D, Yuta Matsumura (Orion), Orinokoflo and Newcastle’s Grotesque Circular Dance, as well as a number of Cooper’s solo projects.

Out From Under #33 – New Music: Mara, Karen Marks, Laurence Pike +

This episode of Out From Under is a new music special, taking a deep dive into new music releases from Australian experimental artists.

We’ll be listening to: Sydney’s Oren Ambarchi teaming up with turntablist and composer Martin Ng and the new music quartet Ensemble Offspring; the new solo album from renowned Australian percussionist and producer Laurence Pike; Brisbane radical violinist Adam Cadell in a collaboration with French folk collective Artus; two cuts from Perth collective Rathe; experimental vocal work on a pair of remixes by Mara (pictured) and Arrom, reversioning The Overheads and Sebastian Field; plus we fall back in time with a newly unearthed cold-wave classic from Melbourne’s Karen Marks and take a cut from Canberra via Tokyo producer Wa?ste.

Out From Under #32 – Ela Stiles

In this episode of Out From Under, I talk to Melbourne-based experimental artist Ela Stiles.

Taking a radical detour from her early work with Sydney bands Songs and Bushwalking, Ela’s remarkable debut self-titled album mixed acappella, drone and tape loops, and her follow-up, Molten Metal, added dark synths, found sounds and drum machines into the mix. Running in parallel to her experimental approach to sound, her use of bare vocals and layered harmonies also highlights her deft expertise as a songwriter.

Out From Under #31 – New Music: Alexandra Spence, J Campbell, Allume

It’s 100% new Australian experimental and exploratory music on this week’s Out From Under. We’ll be listening to: new sound works from both musician and composer Rosalind Hall and Sydney’s Alexandra Spence;  the Melbourne duo of Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi on a celebratory compilation from Altered State Tapes; minimal electronics meets exquisite vocals in new work from Allume and Eitanr; plus new music from Logic 1000, Automating, J Campbell and the deliciously named Little Songs Of The Mutilated.

Freak Wave 005 – CÉCI, AMMAR 808, Charlotte Adigéry +

Episode 005 of Freak Wave once again ventures into marginal music scenes from around the world, featuring left of field music from Tunisia, Japan, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Italy.

Out From Under #30 – Longform Editions

On this week’s Out From Under, I’m talking with Andrew Khedoori, the founder of the Sydney based project, Longform Editions. Described as a “collective for deep listening”, the project surfaces prolonged exploratory and immersive pieces, each guiding us towards a re-evaluation of the ways in which we listen to music.

Out From Under #29 – Tangents

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down.

In Episode #29, I talk with Sydney-based quintet Tangents; a band that somewhat defy categorisation, colliding between genres and forms, taking cues from electronic production, post rock, jazz and free improvisation and more.

Out From Under #28 – New Music: Emily Glass, Furchick, Makeda +

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down.

This week’s Out From Under is a new music special, taking a deep dive into an ocean of new music releases from Australian experimental artists. 

Out From Under #27 – Michael Kucyk (Efficient Space)

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down.

On this week’s program, we explore decades-old Australian music, made available for a new generation of listeners via the unique archival label, Efficient Space. We talk with label founder Michael Kucyk and listen to a selection of off-kilter Australian music from the archives, exclusively curated by Michael for Out From Under.