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‘Future Of Music’ at Semi Permanent

On Thursday 24 May, I’ll be at Semi Permanent on the ‘Future Of Music’ panel. It’s part of the event’s ‘Future State’ series which cover “everything from realistic expectations to imaginative speculations, across three cultural pillars: Sport, Music and Food”.

I’m on the panel with musician Dan Stricker and Danielle Krettek, the Founder and Principal of Google’s Empathy Lab, which was established to “design more emotionally-attuned and human-kind experiences” (which sounds like a great concept).

Imaginary Albums Exhibition at Platform Gallery

Writer Amanda Kaye has asked me to contribute to a series of imaginary albums, culled from the creative wellspring of Blue Mountains writers and artists, to be exhibited at the Platform Gallery in Katoomba.

“These imaginary albums are the missed opportunities, the albums we wish existed. They are the uncanny cultural signifiers of our collective vinyl-addled fancies,” says Amanda. 

NEWS. DJ Set at Neon Fern

Saturday 26 November I’ll be rolling out my Beau Kannon alias for a DJ set at Neon Fern a night of “dark techno, leftist pop and electronica”, and of course ferns. Taking place at Baroque in Katoomba, there are also sets from Melty, Ghostgirl (whose new album A.I. Ambient Intimacy was released earlier this week), Mannheim Rocket (3BS Records) and Broken Chip. Plus digital installations from Mark Sabb of U.S. online mag Felt Zine.  Tickets and info on Facebook.

New Weird Australia presents Filthy Children at The Sydney Fringe

NWA presents a free evening of skewed live electronics, courtesy of the FILTHY CHILDREN collective – a hive-mind of creative and original electronic artists who consider the vast, sprawling backdrop of Sydney to be their studio, for better or for worse. Part of the 2012 Sydney Fringe, at the Festival Hub at Five Eliza in Newtown.

New Weird Australia – ‘Western Schism’ Launch

Fourteen Perth bands and artists square off against one another to launch the 2012 compilation ‘Western Schism’

VAGRANT #8 – Holy Balm, Asps, Major Crimes, Beige Abrasion

Celeste Juliet & New Weird Australia present

VAGRANT #6+7 – Per Purpose, Rites Wild, Doctopus, Craig McElhinney + Terrible Truths, Per Purpose, Gunns & Hamjam

Good Company & New Weird Australia present:

VAGRANT – a travelling gig series, a pop-up club-night with no fixed abode, an open-source platform for eclectic and experimental Australian music

Fallopian Tunes and New Weird Australia present Gloss Party

Stemming from their recent mixtape collaboration titled Gloss and Moss, the eclectic Fallopian Tunes label, in association with New Weird Australia, assemble a hefty lineup of Melbourne based electronic acts, of!cially launching the project into the ether.

VAGRANT #5 – Scattered Order, Dracopede, The Mermaids

New Weird Australia presents

VAGRANT #3+4 – Talkshow Boy, Scraps, Feet Teeth + No Anchor, The Rational Academy, Anonymeye vs Ambrose Chapel

Vagrant debuted in Brisbane in July over two nights, due to awesome coincidence, at the same venue. Programmed by Andrew Tuttle (Thursday 12th) and Ian Rogers (Saturday 14th), Vagrant’s inaugural Brisbane events brought a whole bunch of weird, wild and wooly Australian acts to The Waiting Room in West End.  

VAGRANT #2 – Naps, Wooshie, Kane Ikin, Baba X, Zanzibar Chanel

This Thing & New Weird Australia present

VAGRANT #1 – Guerre, Scissor Lock, Major Napier

Our open-source gig series VAGRANT began in Sydney on May 31st 2012 – with a show celebrating the launch of the new label, Intercess. Founded by Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock, Collarbones), Intercess releases new collaborations several times a year on limited edition CD-R.

Analogue to Digital 7: White Light/White Heat

Scitech, in partnership with New Weird Australia, presented a special Analogue to Digital in January 2012, featuring Ourobonic Plague, Craig McElhinney, Furchick, No Hand Path, K Wilson, Brain Full of Light and guest speaker Adam Burgess, as well as a High Voltage Show in the Lottery West Science Theatre.

hellosQuare and New Weird Australia present The Low Light Social

hellosQuare in association with New Weird Australia presented THE LOW LIGHT SOCIAL, an evening of left field sound featuring six artists from around Australia and overseas – all of whom explore the common ground that sits nicely between electronic beat music, guitar folk forms, noise blasts and free jazz.

New Weird Australia Live – Rites Wild, Black Vanilla & Pimmon

New Weird Australia presents
& special guest PIMMON

New Weird Australia & The Silent Hour – Spartak, Brain Drain & The Deadly Nightshades


New Weird Australia & Octopus pi present Forenzics, Domeyko/Gonzalez, Jusgo Mosh & Robot House

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi presented the third and final New Weird Australia live event at FBi Social in Kings Cross on Thursday 16th June 2011 – rounding off the series with a live simulcast broadcast on FBi.

Headlining this special night of Sydney-centric artists was Forenzics – the local collective renowned for their experimental and improvisational slant on noise, psych, drone, art rock & post punk. The band launched their third album, ‘Build Ruins‘, a collaboration with Japanese electronic artist Ryota Yamamura and Joe Cummins – released on June 13th on New Weird Australia’s ‘New Editions’ label.

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi present The Sound of Young Canberra, Live

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi presented the second in a series of live events at FBi Social in Kings Cross on Thursday 19th May 2011, titled ‘The Sound Of Young Canberra‘, featuring Savages, Kasha, Rueben Ingall and a DJ set from Shoeb Ahmad.

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi present Underlapper, Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock, Edwin Montgomery

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi presented the first in a series of New Weird Australia live events at FBi Social in Kings Cross on Thursday 21st April 2011.

The night saw the long-overdue return of Sydney six-piece Underlapper, celebrating the launch of their third album ‘Sofly Harboured’ – an eclectic mix of post rock, experimental pop and downbeat electronic music, and the follow-up to the widely acclaimed 2007 album ‘Red Spring’.

New Weird Australia – AXXONN National Tour 2011

In January & February 2011, former Brisbane-based artist AXXONN (Tom Hall) gathered up his keyboards and subsonic fuzz for a trip around the country to support his album ‘Let’s Get It Straight’. The tour was presented by NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA, marking our inaugural Australian excursion after a string of Sydney events and nearly two years of compilation and artists releases through the label.

Sound Series #10 – New Weird Australia

Sound Series is a monthly evening of sound-based performance and installation at Hardware Gallery on Enmore Road, Sydney. Their final show for 2010 is curated by New Weird Australia.