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Adam Cadell – ‘ ‘Til It All Melts Away’ (Wood And Wire)

Adam Cadell (The Scrapes) presents four compositions inspired by red-earth roads and busted sound systems.

Video teaser for upcoming Heartswin release on Wood And Wire

New video teaser for our upcoming release from HEARTSWIN on Wood & Wire.

In ‘Tammuz’, Sar Friedman ventures beyond the boundaries of song-making, landing into a realm simultaneously occupied by the likes of Sunn O))) and Bat For Lashes. A curious and beautiful concoction, released on Wood & Wire on 5th July 2013.

Heartswin – ‘Tammuz’ (Wood And Wire)

Through the manifestation of her mythical alter-ego, HEARTSWIN, Sar Freidman seeks to venture beyond the boundaries of song-making in order to reach forms which resonate with the mystical concerns of her explorations.

Fatti Frances – ‘Sweaty’ (Wood And Wire)

Raised by her eccentric grandmother in an old Brunswick home similar to the Grey Gardens Mansion, Raquel Solier emerged from boxes of worn VHS tapes and empty milk cartons to become Fatti Frances, experimental RnB artist.

Stress Waves – ‘Lost Lustre’ (Wood And Wire)

Stress Waves is both an attempt to express the romance and wonder of the post-apocalyptic entertainment of the 80’s and 90’s and an exploration of ideas put forth by bands and musicians of that era.

Wood & Wire ‘Best Of’ compilation for The Lifted Brow

Wood & Wire is one of four labels selected to contribute a compilation mixtape for The Lifted Brow, a bimonthly Australian magazine publishing fiction, art, comics and commentary. Since 2007, they have been home to everyone from Christos Tsiolkas to Helen Garner, David Foster Wallace to Neil Gaiman, as well as writers like Rick Moody, Douglas Coupland, Heidi Julavits, Tom Bissell, Tao Lin, Blake Butler and Benjamin Kunkel.

Made Of Wood And Wire (Wood And Wire)

‘Made Of Wood And Wire’ is a compilation for The Lifted Brow, a bimonthly Australian magazine publishing fiction, art, comics and commentary.

New releases from Drill Folly and Hollow Press

This month on Wood & Wire, we’re delivering new, experimental Australian music from two exceptional solo artists, Melbourne’s Drill Folly (pictured) and Hollow Press from Adelaide.

Hollow Press – ‘Heads In Dust’ (Wood And Wire)

Shaun McNamara uses drone, glitches, field recordings, voices and industrial sounds for a dark, experimental album.

Drill Folly – ‘No Love Lost’ (Wood And Wire)

Drill Folly is electronic producer Sarah Phelan. Based in Melbourne, Sarah is also a founding member of Tantrums.

The Vainglories – ‘Solace’ (Wood And Wire)

Exploring feelings of loneliness and onlyness, Solace is a collection of pieces by solo artist Gillian Lever.

A Brief History of Textile Audio

This week sees the release of The Pomegranate Cycle by Textile Audio on Wood & Wire. Woven from song, sound textures and fragmented orchestration, The Pomegranate Cycle is the creation of composer, mezzo soprano and sound engineer Eve Klein.

Preview: New Hollow Press album on Wood & Wire

March will see the release of a brand new album from Adelaide producer Hollow Press on Wood & Wire. Here’s an early preview from the release – a track titled Memory Lapse and a new video featuring footage from L’Etoile de Mer / Poison / Emak Bakia by Man Ray.

Machine Death in Free Music Archive / WFMU ‘Best Of 2012’

The Free Music Archive is a long-standing initiative, directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America.  The archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads, and features some of the most interesting and innovative music from around the world.

Every year, Free Music Archive curators pick their favourites from the library, and our Machine Death self-titled release landed a placing in their ‘Best of 2012’ list.  

BOK Darklord in Unwashed Territoires ‘Albums Of The Year’

The Wood And Wire BOK Darklord release ‘Lulu’ has landed in Unwashed Territories‘ ‘Albums Of The Year’ list, coming in at #3 in a list that also includes Sun Araw and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Blog author Mark Whitby championed the release on his UK-based Dandelion Radio show on its release, and the record clearly made an impression as he was pulling together his end-of-year list.  

Textile Audio – ‘The Pomegranate Cycle’ (Wood And Wire)

The Pomegranate Cycle is the debut album from Textile Audio – a solo project by composer, mezzo soprano and sound engineer Eve Klein.

Sonic Masala reviews first ten Wood & Wire releases

We’re quite humbled by the commitment of Sonic Masala who’ve taken it upon themselves to review the first TEN releases on Wood & Wire – from Emily Grantham, Machine Death, BOK Darklord, Shisd, Regional Curse (Stacey Wilson / Rites Wild), Setec, Kučka, automating and Fm. An amazing effort, and a great way to catch up on what you might have missed.

K Wilson – ‘Alignments’ (Wood And Wire)

‘Alignments’ is the second release from K Wilson from Western Australia.

Wood And Wire – Shisd Remixes FM

Two Wood & Wire artists have come together on a new remix, with Shisd remixing FM‘s track Which House from his recent Buttons EP.

Tiny Mix Tapes on Automating’s ‘Somnambulist’

Tiny Mix Tapes has reviewed Automating’s ‘Somnambulist’ – referring to the experience as “like getting your brain picked by the most expert of audiophiles”.

h+ – ‘GIGA’ (Wood And Wire)

h+ is the creative output of 18 year old Perth musician, Jacob Rutherford. An enthusiast of transhumanism and futurism, his music tells stories of the growth of humanity, ventures into space and some of the absurd wonders found on Earth.