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V/A – ‘Wood And Wire: Ears Have Ears Soundtracks’ (Wood And Wire)

For the final release on Wood And Wire, we present a selection of original recordings from Wood And Wire artists created exclusively for the Australian radio program, Ears Have Ears.

These Guy – ‘Human Language’ (Wood And Wire)

The root of all psychological suffering is human language itself.

Host – ‘Star & System’ (Wood And Wire)

The third campaign by HostStar & System, is the most consuming thus far. Four ordeals of noise, dark ambience and experimentation.

Hinterlandt & Andy Rantzen – ‘Smoke & Mirrors EP’ (Wood And Wire)

The second EP from Andy Rantzen andJochen Gutsch aka Hinterlandt. Andy Rantzen is a Sydney-based recording artist and writer best known as part of the duo Itch-E and Scratch-E alongside Paul Mac. Jochen Gutsch is a German-born musician and composer who lives in Sydney.

Wood And Wire – New Music from Elbee & Invisible Prism


New on Wood And Wire this month …

Wood And Wire‘s June release schedule invites you to a take journey to the inner reaches of the mind; follow the sines to the symbols, to a place where time has no meaning, courtesy of our cosmonauts of inner space Elbee & Invisible Prism.

Psychic map-maker Invisible Prism (pictured) drops his debut on Wood And Wire, titled Innermost Outerspace.  The EP is a analogue travelogue of subtle body music, timelessspace anthems and psychosomatic experiments – an instructional manual for a fantastic voyage.

Elbee ‘Visions of Vactrols’ (Wood And Wire)

Elbee is the work of sound artist and music producer Lloyd Barrett. Visions of Vactrols is a new way of sampling, it is a new way of processing, it is an old brain child rehydrated.

Invisible Prism ‘Innermost Outerspace’ (Wood And Wire)

Invisible Prism is the electronic music project of Ricky Turner from Queensland, Australia.

Let’s trip the prism invisible.

Further tales from the Australian Underground: Black Pines, Motion & Gatherer on Wood And Wire


New on Wood And Wire …

Dig deeper into the Australian underground with three new releases from the Wood and Wire label – Black Pines (pictured) offer a ragged, psych-damaged lava-wall of ash and guts and glory; Motion erase improvised boundaries, merging avant-garde jazz and left-field electronics; and Gatherer offers ambient/drone pieces intended for the spaces between your headphones.

Motion ‘Syllepsis’ (Wood And Wire)

motion are a band that seek to explore the possibilities of experimental improvised music. Formed in Melbourne in 2008, the group is now spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Their music draws on experimentalism, avant-garde jazz, left-field electronic music and more.

Black Pines ‘Harsh Out’ (Wood And Wire)

Ian Rogers (No Anchor) plays guitar and sings. Benjamin Thompson (The Rational Academy) plays guitar. ‘Harsh Out’ is an autopsy report.

Filthy Children on Wood And Wire – ‘Rainbow roads & techno schmeckno’

New on Wood And Wire …

Filthy, filthy, very filthy.

Like a pack of kids at the back of the bus, hacking Minecraft and throwing buns at hipsters, Sydney’s Filthy Children arrive with a howl, indifferent to the past, present and future. Their debut collection of disparate electronics pays little respect to those that have preceded them, those who tweak in their orbit, or those that are likely to follow.

Gatherer – ‘Amoeba Miasma Void’ (Wood And Wire)

Gatherer is the solo project of Morgan McKellar, one-half of Canberra improv-noise duo, Cold House, and formerly of Sydney band Underlapper.

Filthy Children – ‘Chillection’ (Wood And Wire)

Chillection is a selection of lovingly munted works representing the current wave of Filthy Children’s musical output.

New Year, New Music, New Heads

We’re entering 2014 with a pack of new releases – an audacious debut from Perth’s Mudlark, a four-track EP from the newly revitalised Pollen Trio, seven moments of magic from the international collab duo Piotr-Heslin, plus the second Wood And Wire release from Melbourne’s The Vainglories.

Mudlark – ‘Zimdahl’ (Wood And Wire)

In celebration of Ben Peter Zimdahl of Jarrahdale WA, Zimdahl is the first true release from Mudlark.

Pollen Trio – ‘Wreck’ (Wood And Wire)

The latest incarnation of Pollen Trio, now based in Sydney is comprised of Austin Buckett (piano, electronics), Evan Dorrian (drums) and Marcus Whale (computer, electronics and voice).

The Vainglories – ‘The Visitor’ (Wood And Wire)

The Vainglories is the solo project of Gillian Lever. Written for Amanda Lever’s Masters in Choreography final performance, The Visitor explores the experience of being a sole identity in a world of unknown.

Piotr-Heslin – ‘Piotr-Heslin’ (Wood And Wire)

Piotr-Heslin is a new collaboration between producer/composers Derek Piotr and Paul Heslin. Spread over seven tracks, this is a squall of self-built samples, guerrilla beat tactics and unusual processing that transcends genre or classification.

Cycle~ 440 – ‘17843+’ (Wood And Wire)

17843+ is a collection of recordings from an 8 show tour of Japan undertaken by duo Cycle~ 440 in February 2013.

David Evans – ‘Domestic Cinema’ (Wood And Wire)

David Evans has created a refrain for the Australian home past and present on his second solo album Domestic Cinema.

Textile Audio presents ‘Seeds’ at Underbelly

This weekend (Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August), Underbelly Arts Festival takes place on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, featuring over 100 Australian artists, working on 30 projects, all converging for two days to present a packed program of immersive and engaging new work, talks, music and other events.