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Analogue to Digital 7: White Light/White Heat

Scitech, in partnership with New Weird Australia, presented a special Analogue to Digital in January 2012, featuring Ourobonic Plague, Craig McElhinney, Furchick, No Hand Path, K Wilson, Brain Full of Light and guest speaker Adam Burgess, as well as a High Voltage Show in the Lottery West Science Theatre.

New Weird Australia, Broadcast Three

Since 2009, New Weird Australia has broadcast a weekly show on Sydney’s FBi Radio – playing two hours of new, experimental and eclectic Australian music. As well as covering off the best of the week’s new releases, the show also features regular guest performances, playing exclusive in-studio sessions. This free compilation is a selection of exclusive in-studio recordings from recent months, including material from Edwin Montgomery, Kirin J Callinan, Hacks, Simo Soo, Little A, Paneye, Mental Powers, The Deadly Nightshades, Pimmon, Peon, Scattered Order and Anonymeye.

hellosQuare and New Weird Australia present The Low Light Social

hellosQuare in association with New Weird Australia presented THE LOW LIGHT SOCIAL, an evening of left field sound featuring six artists from around Australia and overseas – all of whom explore the common ground that sits nicely between electronic beat music, guitar folk forms, noise blasts and free jazz.

Unpopular Music 2011, A Benefit for FBi Radio

Unpopular Music returned to Sydney on Saturday December 17th 2011, raising cash for FBi and featuring eight bands over two venues. Unpopular Music 2011 saw four of Sydney’s underground & experimental music promoters working together for the first time – New Weird Australia, Octopus Pi, Sound Series and Refraction – staging two shows in one evening.

New Weird Australia Live – Rites Wild, Black Vanilla & Pimmon

New Weird Australia presents
& special guest PIMMON

New Weird Australia & The Silent Hour – Spartak, Brain Drain & The Deadly Nightshades


New Weird Australia, Vox

The voice is re-appearing in the experimental context, and emerging more experimentally in popular music. This New Weird Australia compilation brings together a selection of artist working across this spectrum of play.

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi present Forenzics, Domeyko/Gonzalez, Jusgo Mosh & Robot House

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi presented the third and final New Weird Australia live event at FBi Social in Kings Cross on Thursday 16th June 2011 – rounding off the series with a live simulcast broadcast on FBi.

Headlining this special night of Sydney-centric artists was Forenzics – the local collective renowned for their experimental and improvisational slant on noise, psych, drone, art rock & post punk. The band launched their third album, ‘Build Ruins‘, a collaboration with Japanese electronic artist Ryota Yamamura and Joe Cummins – released on June 13th on New Weird Australia’s ‘New Editions’ label.

New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal

“This isn’t your Slayer or Metallica or Pantera, to be certain. It’s heavy sonic seance shit. Big walls of fuzzed out guitars or sludgy numbers swimming in the murky murk or knob twiddling feedback frenzies or straight up droooooooone or sort of industrialized punk frock and ghoul. It’s all here, it’s all hear.” Grindtheives

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi present The Sound of Young Canberra, Live

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi presented the second in a series of live events at FBi Social in Kings Cross on Thursday 19th May 2011, titled ‘The Sound Of Young Canberra‘, featuring Savages, Kasha, Rueben Ingall and a DJ set from Shoeb Ahmad.

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi present Underlapper, Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock, Edwin Montgomery

New Weird Australia & Octopus pi presented the first in a series of New Weird Australia live events at FBi Social in Kings Cross on Thursday 21st April 2011.

The night saw the long-overdue return of Sydney six-piece Underlapper, celebrating the launch of their third album ‘Sofly Harboured’ – an eclectic mix of post rock, experimental pop and downbeat electronic music, and the follow-up to the widely acclaimed 2007 album ‘Red Spring’.

New Weird Australia – AXXONN National Tour 2011

In January & February 2011, former Brisbane-based artist AXXONN (Tom Hall) gathered up his keyboards and subsonic fuzz for a trip around the country to support his album ‘Let’s Get It Straight’. The tour was presented by NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA, marking our inaugural Australian excursion after a string of Sydney events and nearly two years of compilation and artists releases through the label.

New Weird Australia, We Are After All Here

Throughout 2009 and 2010, we were listening to a heap of bands and artists that were clearly starting to coalesce into some form of vague and abstract grouping. Either through sound, technique, image, a reverence for the past, or just a common, skewed take on a hauntalogical notion, there was a broad church emerging that would count these artists among their flock.

New Weird Australia – Scattered Order at The Excelsior

Scattered Order are one of the most unique bands in the history of Sydney’s experimental and electronic music scene – founders of the M Squared record label in the 1970s, a home for artists such as Systematics and Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, and a beacon for emerging underground artists around the country. Reforming their original line-up in 2009, I shot this video when Scattered Order played a set for New Weird Australia in January 2011 at the Excelsior in Sydney, in support of their new album, ‘Adjust The Terminology’.

Sound Series #10 – New Weird Australia

Sound Series is a monthly evening of sound-based performance and installation at Hardware Gallery on Enmore Road, Sydney. Their final show for 2010 is curated by New Weird Australia.

Unpopular Music 2010, A Benefit for FBi Radio

On Friday 3rd December 2010, New Weird Australia presented the second annual Unpopular Music event at Sydney’s Red Rattler, a benefit for the not-for-profit community station, FBi Radio. The six-act line-up was headlined by Scattered Order, one of the most unique players in the history of Sydney’s experimental and electronic music scene

New Weird Australia, The Sound Of Young Canberra

‘The Sound Of Young Canberra’ represents the first New Weird Australia compilation in the series to be guest curated and the first to have a specific focus – in this case, a 12-track frozen moment of new music from Canberra in late 2010.

New Weird Australia, Broadcast Two

New Weird Australia broadcasts weekly on Sydney’s FBi Radio – playing two hours of new, experimental and ecelctic Australian music. The show features regular guest performances, playing exclusive in-studio sessions – many of which are previously unreleased. This free download collects together twelve of these exclusive tracks from Danger Beach, Collarbones, Ghost_, Blake Freele, Dual Uzis (feat, members of The Splinter Orchestra, Nhomea, Seeake and Ghoul), Raven, Nhomea, Kate Carr, Actual Russian Brides, Crab Smasher and Forenzics.

New Weird Australia at The Red Rattler

New Weird Australia presented the third event in its 2010 series at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, Sydney – featuring ANONYMEYE (QLD), ERASERS (WA), AMBROSE CHAPEL (QLD) and TR-10 (LUKASZ KARLUK & GENTLEFORCE) (NSW)

Refraction, Curated by New Weird Australia

Curated by New Weird Australia

New Weird Australia, Volume Six

Curating and sequencing the New Weird Australia compilation series is a difficult business – underpinning each track-listing is a desire to present both a sense of cohesion and one of contrast. They might at first seem at polar opposites, but in fact it is the latter that provides the aural glue for the former – as we believe this latest volume clearly proves.