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Interview – Out Of The Box

Happy Birthday FBi Radio on your sweet sixteen. I returned to where it all started this week and chatted to Joey Watson on Out Of The Box about 00s-era FBI, Fat Planet and New Weird Australia; and took time to painstakingly describe MP3 blogs to the Spotify generation. Out of five songs I chose, only two were by Bjork – which I actually feel is very restrained.

Out Of The Box – Grant Morrison

Guest presenting on FBi’s Out Of The Box, I talk to Grant Morrison, the visionary creator behind The Invisibles, Batman: Arkham Asylum, New X-Men, All-Star Superman and the upcoming DC project Multiversity. Grant shares some of the tunes that have soundtracked his life thus far, and talks about his life in comics from his early years growing up in Glasgow, to his forthcoming appearance at the Sydney Opera House for the Graphic festival.