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Podcast – Fever Ray Interview

In this Interview Edition of the Slang Tang podcast series, Karin Dreijer Andersson discusses her continuing exploration of electronic music and the impact of motherhood on her creative work.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 7

Episode 7 of Slang Tang podcast series launches with legendary vocalist Tippa Irie, working with Brazil’s Digitaldubs on a unique blend of dub and baile funk rhythms; we kick on with new tracks from Maga Bo featuring South African MC

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 6

Slang Tang Episode 6 starts with a double-shot of ’skwee’ – the growing Scandanvian genre that blends bleep-tronica, twitch hip hop, r&b and funk – represented here by two Swedes, Rigas Den Andre and Beem.  Australian-Sri Lankan MC and prolific

Slang Tang Podcast – The Bug Interview

An interview with low-end electronic producer Kevin Martin – aka ‘The Bug‘ – on the release of his 2008 album ‘London Zoo’.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 5

In Slang Tang Episode 5, we hear from Guyana’s Jahdan Blakkamoore, plus new Russian dubstep from S13, a Euro-Latino electronic blend from Argentina’s Villa Diamante, beat-heavy plunderphonics from Robot Speaker from Tokyo, low end hip hop from Cote d Ivorie’s

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 4

Slang Tang Episode 4 takes us to Tunisia, Palestine, the Netherlands, Argentina, Japan, Cuba, Australian and Iraq. Checkpoint 303 kick us off with their unique take on the Middle Eastern situation, blending field recordings and news reports with electronica and

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 3

In episode three of Slang Tang, we start in South Africa for a new project from Spoek (Sweat.X) and Sibot, aka Playdoe, in a remix by Toxic Avenger, then head across to Mozambique for the ‘Lady of the Bling’, aka

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 2

In this second episode of Slang Tang, we hit Venezuela, Malawi, Denmark, St Vincent & Grenadines, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and India – picking up debut or demo tracks from Esau Mwamwaya, Nova, Booty Cologne, De Tropix and Suckafish P Jones; plus recent releases from the self-proclaimed ‘Crown Prince Of Bhangra’ – Jazzy B and Venezuelan […]

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 1

Slang Tang is a new podcast show presented and produced by Stu Buchanan, featuring alternative, electronic & urban music from around the world. In the first episode in the Slang Tang podcast series, we cast a wide net around the globe,