Podcast – Fever Ray Interview

Following the release of their critically acclaimed and award-winning album ‘Silent Shout’, Swedish dark-electro duo The Knife took time out to pursue their own individual projects. Olaf Dreijer worked on an original soundtrack for the opera ‘Tomorrow In A Year’ by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. His sister, Karin Dreijer Andersson, opted instead for a solo album, under the name Fever Ray. Whilst occupying similar sonic territories to The Knife, ‘Fever Ray’ introduced a personal and intimate side to Karin that was hitherto unseen.

Over the phone from her home in Sweden, Karin talked to me for my FBi program Disorient and discussed the genesis of the Fever Ray project, her continuing exploration of electronic music and the impact of motherhood on her creative work. The original broadcast interview was extended and released here as part of my Slang Tang podcast series.


Originally broadcast on Disorient, FBi Radio, May 2009.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 7

Episode 7 of Slang Tang podcast series launches with legendary vocalist Tippa Irie, working with Brazil’s Digitaldubs on a unique blend of dub and baile funk rhythms; we kick on with new tracks from Maga Bo featuring South African MC Teba and from Egyptian born DJ and producer, Mutamassik; there’s dubstep from two German producers, Discreat and Wadadda, the latter remixing UK’s Zion Trian; a cut from from Kid606‘s new release ‘Die Soundboy Die’; and new electronica from Kampion via Mexico and Lackluster via Finland.

DOWNLOAD Slang Tang Ep.7 (December 2008)

DIGITALDUBS & TIPPA IRIE – Strickly Heavy Dub [Brazil / England] | Buy
MAGA BO & TEBA – Nqayi [U.S. / South Africa] | Buy
MUTAMASSIK – 5×8 Cell [Egypt] | Buy
DISCREAT – Distanz [Germany] | Download
ZION TRAIN – Boxes and Amps (feat. Dubdadda) (Wadadda Remix) [England] | Buy
KID606 – Umbilical Bullets [Venezuela] | Buy
KAMPION – Round 13 [Mexico] | Download
LACKLUSTER – Onecycle (More) [Finland] | Buy

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Artwork on this post from Mutamassik ‘The Commo EP’.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 6

Slang Tang Episode 6 starts with a double-shot of ’skwee’ – the growing Scandanvian genre that blends bleep-tronica, twitch hip hop, r&b and funk – represented here by two Swedes, Rigas Den Andre and Beem.  Australian-Sri Lankan MC and prolific live performer Pataphysics follows with a track from his debut album release, performed in Singhalese, which runs into a cut from Nigeria’s Afrikan Boy – following up his appearance on M.I.A.’s ‘Kala’ album with his debut mixtape, ‘Can Of Whoop Ass’. Heatwave collaborator Rubi Dan then freestyles over the classic dubstep crossover ‘Night’ from Benga and Coki, drawing us into two tracks of digital cumbia – the first from Argentinean Chancha Via Circuito’s debut album “Rodante”, the second from The Cumbia Cosmonauts, a group of Australians proving the point that cumbia knows no borders.  We close with a new remix of an early Eighties post-punk gem from Brazilian band, Agentss, fresh from the Man Recordings stable.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.6 (September 2008)

RIGAS DEN ANDRE – Crush Kill Destroy  [Sweden] | Buy
BEEM – Don’t Bogart That Can, Man  [Sweden] | Download
PATAPHYSICS – Komatha Machang  [Sri Lanka / Australia] | Buy
AFRICAN BOY VS DONAEO – African Warrior (Remix)  [Nigeria] | Stream
RUBI DAN, BENGA & COKI – It’s On Tonight (The Heatwave Refix)  [Barbados / England] | Download
CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO – Bosques Vía Temperley (with Kumbha Kethu)  [Argentina] | Buy
THE CUMBIA COSMONAUTS – Cumbianauts Incoming  [Australia]
AGENTSS – Agentss (NoMoHeroes Mix)  [Brazil] | Download

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Artwork on this post by Beem.

Slang Tang Podcast – The Bug Interview

In this Interview Edition of the Slang Tang podcast series, I talk to Kevin Martin – aka ‘The Bug‘ – the ragga, dubstep and electronic producer whose new album ‘London Zoo’ was recently released through Ninja Tune.

The Bug has been releasing dark, deep and often brutally-heavy beats for well over ten years, but ‘London Zoo’ is only his second, full-length solo record and his first in five years. In this podcast, he talks about the intensity of life in London, how his early work foreshadowed the birth of dubstep, and about working with some of England and Jamaica’s finest MCs – such as Warrior Queen, Tippa Irie, Ricky Ranking and Spaceape. Underneath the interview, there’s a special re-edit of the album, cut together by dubstep producer and Hyperdub label boss, Kode 9.

Originally released August 2008.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 5

In Slang Tang Episode 5, we hear from Guyana’s Jahdan Blakkamoore, plus new Russian dubstep from S13, a Euro-Latino electronic blend from Argentina’s Villa Diamante, beat-heavy plunderphonics from Robot Speaker from Tokyo, low end hip hop from Cote d Ivorie’s Di Africano, two slices of Mexican electronica courtesy of Jack’s Son and Vektor, and round off with a cut from a new reissue from Barcelona’s El Guincho.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.5 (August 2008)

JAHDAN BLAKKAMOORE – Go Round Payola [Guyana] | Buy
S13 – Echo Om & Jah Bongo [Russia] | Download
VILLA DIAMANTE – Surtek Collective vs Modeselektor [Argentina] | Download
ROBOT SPEAKER – Amoebic Love [Japan] | Info
DI AFRICANO – I’m High [Côte d’Ivoire] | Download
JACK’S SON – Wasted on the Sidewalk [Mexico] | Download
VEKTOR – Cotbell [Mexico] | Download
EL GUINCHO – Cerrando Por Tajarste [Spain] | Download

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Post image: Jahdan Blakkamoore via Facebook

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 4

Slang Tang Episode 4 takes us to Tunisia, Palestine, the Netherlands, Argentina, Japan, Cuba, Australian and Iraq. Checkpoint 303 kick us off with their unique take on the Middle Eastern situation, blending field recordings and news reports with electronica and acoustic instrumentation. We then grab two slices of digital cumbia – first from new producer Sonido Del Principe, who rubs some heavy electro into the mix, and secondly from Argentina’s DJ Negro with a track from the new Bersa Discos release, Volume 2 in their ongoing 12″ series. Japan’s Yoshida Brothers strip everything back to basics for a frenetic workout on the shamisen, before Man Recordings’ Daniel Haaksman brings on a remix for Cuban band Madera Limpia. We represent Australia with indigenous hip hop artist Wire MC and bring things to a close with DJ Foundation from Mosul in Iraq and his unique brand of sample-heavy plunderphonics.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.4 (June 2008)

CHECKPOINT 303 – Hawiya Dhayea [Tunisia / Palestine] | Download
SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE – Barranquilla [Netherlands] | Download
DJ NEGRO – Mundo Querido [Argentina] | Buy
YOSHIDA BROTHERS – Kodo (Hishou Version) [Japan] | Buy at iTunes Music Store
MADERA LIMPIA – Loco (Daniel Haaksman Remix) [Cuba] | Buy
WIRE MC – B.L.A.C.K. (Sven Simulacrum Gangsta Desi Fix) [Australia] | Stream
DJ FOUNDATION – Hot Girls Hot Guys [Iraq] | Buy

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Post image – Dj Foundation via Metal Postcard.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 3

In episode three of Slang Tang, we start in South Africa for a new project from Spoek (Sweat.X) and Sibot, aka Playdoe, in a remix by Toxic Avenger, then head across to Mozambique for the ‘Lady of the Bling’, aka Dama do Bling. We then hit Mexico to celebrate the new release from the Nortec Collective stable, from Bostich & Fussible and drop into Tokyo, for a collaboration between U.S. ex-pat Marxy and U.T. from Japanese performance art / noise duo, Kiiiiii! We wind down the podcast with three dubbed out tracks of different persuasions: Disrupt’s Germanic samurai digital dub, New Zealand’s Brazilbeat Sound System ‘Capoeira Dub’ and abstract cumbia from Aregntina’s Peronists.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.3 (May 2008)


PLAYDOE – It’s That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix) [South Africa] | Stream
DAMA DO BLING – Chamadas para Bling [Mozambique] | Buy
BOSTICH & FUSSIBLE – Shake It Up [Mexico] | Buy at GroupieTunes
MARXY & U.T. – Cat & Mouse [U.S. / Japan] | Buy at Boomkat
DISRUPT – Samurai Showdown [Germany] | Download
BRAZILBEAT SOUND SYSTEM – Capoeira Dub [New Zealand] | Buy
THE PERONISTS – Feria de los jueves en lules [Argentina] | Buy

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Post image Damo Do Bling via YouTube.

Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 2

In this second episode of Slang Tang, we hit Venezuela, Malawi, Denmark, St Vincent & Grenadines, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and India – picking up debut or demo tracks from Esau Mwamwaya, Nova, Booty Cologne, De Tropix and Suckafish P Jones; plus recent releases from the self-proclaimed ‘Crown Prince Of Bhangra’ – Jazzy B and Venezuelan rave kidz Todosantos.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.2 (April 2008)


BOOTY COLOGNE – Wut Jungle | Buy
DE TROPIX – Oi | Download
TODOSANTOS – OMG we got it | Buy
NOVA – Arek Malang Kudu Seneng (feat MC SBY & Sven Simulacrum) | Download
JAZZY B – Kaun Nachdi (Urbanology Mix By Patlo) | Buy

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.


Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 1

Slang Tang is a new podcast show presented and produced by Stu Buchanan, featuring alternative, electronic & urban music from around the world.

In the first episode in the Slang Tang podcast series, we cast a wide net around the globe, catching sounds from Trinidad, Mali, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Venezuela and Argentina.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.1 (March 2008)

In this episode:

GHISLAIN POIRIER vs MR SLAUGHTER – Alright (Ghislain Poirier Remix) | Buy
AMKOULLEL – Farafina | Download Mixtape
KOJOE – Lost Samurai | Buy
SHANTEL – Susuleker | Buy
NUURO – Cute [Poni Republic] | Download EP
EL REMOLON – Cumbia Bichera (Mika Martini Mix) | Download EP

Post image – El Remolon via ZZK