Buffalo Daughter, Asian Dub Foundation, Mosquitos, Jimi Tenor, Dead Combo, Zap Mama, The Mae Shi

five minutes mp3
a great joy today to be able to playback an interview i did last week with sugar yoshinaga from japanese trio, buffalo daughter. the band have just released a fine new album entitled ‘psychic’ – disposing of the 3-minute excursions of the 2001 release ‘i’ in favour of what sugar calls ‘a jam session album [five tracks over fifty minutes]. the above track from ‘i’ is the only legal mp3 that i can find (from their epitonic page) – if you come across, let me know. buffalo daughterplay candy’s apartment in sydney on 25th august and fbi 94.5fm will be recording the show for later broadcast. i’m planning to transcribe today’s interveiw and post it here soon (provided my life doesn’t get in the way…). [site]

1000 mirrors (feat. sonia metha) mp3
played a great remix of the ‘1000 mirrors’ track featuring sinead o’connor today, the visionary underground mix which you can find on the single, lifted from last year’s album ‘enemy of the enemy’. the above mp3 is a different version (i’m presuming an earlier mix) with sonia metha on vocals. sonia actually features as backing on the sinead version, so it’s great to hear her up front in this take. and by a weird co-incidence, i also have an ADF interview that i’ve promising to transcribe too … i must get busy… [site]

boombox direct download
according to their PR company, this track from the new york based trio (with brazilian vocalist) has been an ‘ad agency favourite’. is that the kind of thing you want to promote, not sure 🙂 cynicism aside, this is a short sharp burst of portugese flavour from the album ‘sunshine barato’. and [li’l triv fact] to give the band an air of brazilian authenticity, their debut was recorded on a shack on ipenema beach! [site]

beyond the stars mp3
ah… jimi tenor, the godlike genius of finnish lounge is back with a new album ‘beyond the stars’. jimi’s been making a fine selection of tunes over the last ten years, from his debut on the finnish label ‘sahko’, to a couple of releases on ‘warp records’ in the mid/late 90s. now on germany’s kitty-yo. the new material is up to his usual high standards, although he’s probably delving deeper into his own idiosyncratic lounge style (witness the track i played today ‘tsunami’ which defies categorisation). there’s a glut of live downloads available on his official site and you can also experience jimi’s sideline clothing label, tenorwear. god bless ‘im…

you don’t look so good mp3
played the 2nd track from the single, dead combo‘s cover of bowie‘s ‘let’s dance’. above mp3 is a re-post of the lead track, available now on ouput.

nostalgie amoureuse (push it to the max boot mix) mp3
born in zaire, marie daulne is the leader of (what was originally) an accapella group known as zap mama. she’s taken the group in a radically new direction for their latest release ‘ancestry in progress’ – immersing themselves in downtown philly and teaming up with the rootserykah baducommon and ?uestlove. the results are inevitably a curious african-american mix of r’n’b and more tradition influences, and – if east has to meet west to make it more palatable to western audiences – then better to come out with something of this calibre, rather than the watered-down afro-house that seems to be in high circulation these days (honestly, i’m not usually this cynical… must be ’cause i watched ‘girl interrupted’ last night …). and in saying all that, the above track (not from the album) is a four-to-the-floor mix taken from the luka bop site (i’m such a hypocrite!) – i experienced some loooong download times with this one, but hopefully any hosting snags will be resolved by the time you read this…

vampire beats mp3
and to close, one of the artists that sits on the borderline between genius / charlatan – the mae shi‘s new album ‘terrorbird’ comes with a whopping 30 tracks, most of which are under 2 minutes long, the question being, can they actually write longer songs or does that not even matter? is this a collection of hastily thrown-together ‘bit parts’ or something more revealing / interesting? you decide and you let me know… [site]