Boys From Brazil, FRX & Ove Naxx, Nettle, White Hole

collision mp3
dark electro pop from germany with a devilish guitar hook and a tasty little break thrown in for good measure. we’ve moved through the post punk rebirth now (surely?) and i’ve started to hear more and more music that borrows from a much later 80s period. somewhere between jesus and mary chain (see dead combo) and the electro end of the sisters of mercy. i wouldn’t go so far as to say that boys from brazil have delivered us a goth tune as such, but the vocal certainly hints that way. i always thought the next revival was going to be acid house, maybe we’ve got to get goth out the way first? all of this goth chat is doing boys from brazil something of a disservice – play it loud in a dark room and i’m sure you’ll get a buzz from it.

breakin noise (extract) mp3
not for the faint hearted – ove naxx is regarded as a rising star in japan’s breakcore / noise scene as this extract from his forthcoming release on accelmuzhik proves. naxx released an e.p. last year on dj rupture‘s tigerbeat6 offshoot, soot, so coming out of the kid606 stable, you’ll hopefully have some idea of what to expect. good to know that insanity in japanese music is alive and kicking.

gutted (mehmet irdel remix) mp3
and more with a dj rupture link – well, truth be told nettle IS dj rupture to all intents and purposes (also part of the project is graphic artist DD). whilst rupture’s releases usually stride top quality breakcore, nettle sees him on a different trip, taking in north african / middle eastern influences, beautifully exemplified by this mp3 remixed by mehmet irdel. it’s broken and disjointed, starting with a couple of minutes of hand claps and percussion, bringing a downbeat halfway through, before drifting off into some beautiful glitch at the end. much like mutamassik, if anyone degrades ‘world music’, play them this and watch their reaction.

peter built mp3
first came across this pair on the recent kitty-yo compilation ‘ futurism ain’t shit to me’ with a track from their e.p. ‘chaterflug’. the above mp3 is taken from the same release – on the surface it’s mixing hard downtempo beats with some wavering analogue synths pads, although nothing is really as it seems. it could pass you by if you don’t listen closely, but there’s something in there to make me suspect that white hole are worth further investigation – i’m just not sure what it is. answers on the a starship to the usual address.