DJ Amazing Clay (Brazil) – ‘Montagem Pela Ultima Vez’

If you’ve been following the Man Recordings story recently, you’ll be well aware of German baile funk MC Gringo and his recent release ‘Gringao’. The album was produced to a large degree by one of Rio’s longest standing funk DJs, Amazing Clay. By way of context, Man Rec’s latest release in ‘Baile Funk Masters’ series slots eight unique Clay productions back to back (including today’s download ‘Montagem Pela Ultima Vez’), and features contributions from MC Gus and Lady MC Betta. The 12′ represents long overdue international promotion for Clay whose DJ career stretches back some 27 years (circa ‘Planet Rock’, an early staple of Clay’s sets), founding ‘Equipe Curtisom Rio’ ‘ one of Rio’s earliest funk sound systems ‘ and production work for Mr Catra, Deize Tigrona and MC Dido. Given the endless recycling of key themes in funk carioca (‘Rocky’ being most notable), Clay is also given props for introducing ‘Bonanza’ into the mix. Whether or not we should be thankful remains to be seen ‘ download his cut from 2004 to judge for yourself.

For more in the funk vein, Man Rec boss Daniel Haaksman drops a ‘Funk Berlinioca’ mix for XLR8R, including Edu K, Switch, Marina (ex Bonde Do Role), Princess Superstar, new Stereotyp project Ku Bo and a ‘funk mashup’ of our favourite hopeless star, Amy Winehouse. There’s also a new mix from Clay available to download on the Mac Rec blog.

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Clay’s one-handed funk production technique –