Discontent – Americas Volume One (A Mixtape by Moses Iten)

Around three years ago (April 2007), Fat Planet featured its first look at the early shoots of a new crop of what became known, to some, as ‘digital cumbia’, or ‘nuevo cumbia’ with a post on Andres Schteingart, aka El Remolon.  Unbeknown to anyone reading it, least of all me, Schteingart would come to form part of the core nucleus of producers that took hold of a revitalised Central and South American sound, and took it all over the world.  You can now discover vast quantities of similar material via collectives such as Argentina’s prolific ZZK crew, or releases on labels such as Bersa Discos or Dutty Artz.  An incidental result of this sprawling genre development has been the way in which cumbia has been celebrated and adopted outside of the Americas – and here in Australia, one of the pivtoal players in the ongoing internationalisation of the sound is Moses Iten (a.k.a. saca la mois DJ!!).  I had the good fortune to DJ regularly with Moses back when we were both part of the Uber Lingua crew – he continues to DJ, to make music, to produce, remix and educate on music from the Americas, with performances next week as part of Tasmania’s MONA FOMA festival and the 2010 Big Day Out Festival. When we were discussing Moses’ mixtape for Discontent, we were both keen to push towards more innovative and experimental material – music that that we both loved, but perhaps didn’t get to expose often enough. Here, Moses presents a wonderful selection of sounds from ‘the Americas’, and – as he’s named in ‘Volume One’ – I’m hoping that we’ll see a sequel before too long.
Stuart Buchanan

“Americas Vol. 1 is sourced from the Spanish-speaking Americas, but there are many other languages spoken from Alaska to Patagonia. Exploring andean minimal, huarachegaze, nueva cumbia and other experimental genres hopefully never to be deciphered, Americas Vol. 1 is not about being a definitive compilation of “Futuristic Sound from Latin America”, but attempts to be a mixtape as platform for a dialogue of the past with the future. Also, while as a DJ, performer and producer it’s mostly my aim to make you dance above all else, I took this mixtape as an opportunity to expose other sounds I’ve been hearing, and digging, from the Americas. Although I travel as much as possible, much of my exploration of music is via internet from my home base in Australia, so it was only appropriate to also make this an opportunity to present some of the best music that is little represented even in countries of origin and can only be sourced via cyberAmericas.”
Moses Iten (a.k.a. saca la mois DJ!!)

DOWNLOAD: Americas Volume One, A Mixtape by Moses Iten (108MB)

1. EL REMOLON feat. SUMERGIDO Remoloneando – from ‘Cumbia Bichera EP + Remixes’ on Pueblos Nuevos, 2007 (Argentina)
2. MIKA MARTINI Iniciacion – from ‘Mestizo’ on Pueblos Nuevos, 2007 (Chile)
3. MARCELO FABIAN Negros y Serenos – from ‘NF0005’ on newfolder.com.ar, 2008 (Argentina)
4. TREMOR Viajante (THE CUMBIA COSMONAUTS Remix), 2009 – upcoming release on ZZK Records (Argentina/Australia)
5. KING COYA feat. TREMOR & AXEL KRYGIER Don Axelina – from ‘Cumbia De Villa Donde’ onZZK Recordss, 2009 (Argentina)
6. TREMOLO AUDIO El Ya Sabia – from ‘Random V 1’ on Mil Records, 2004 (Mexico)
7. KAMPION Primaveral – from ‘Invisible EP’ on Filtro, 2005 (Mexico)
8. THE PERONISTS La Cumbia Del Laberinto – previously unreleased, 2009 (Argentina)
9. ALDO BENITEZ Día Libre (CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO Remix) – from ‘El Portafolio Sin Un Peso on Peaton, 2009 (Argentina)
10. EL REMOLON Cumbia Bichera (TREMOR Mix) – from ‘Cumbia Bichera EP + Remixes’ on Pueblos Nuevo, 2007 (Argentina)
11. CERO 39 feat. BETO Morenita – previously unreleased, courtesy of Cero39, 2009 (Colombia)
12. LOS AMPARITO Las Miradas De Magaly – from ‘Fonogramaticos Vol.3’ on clubfonograma.com, 2009 (Mexico)
13. CARLA MORRISON Buena Malicia (LOS AMPARITO Remix) – unreleased, courtesy of Carla Morrison, 2009 (Mexico)
14. DIEGO BERNAL Dusty Sanchez – from ‘4corners’ on Exponential Records, 2009 (USA)
15. MIKA MARTINI Why No – from ‘Mestizo’ on Pueblos Nuevos, 2007 (Chile)
16. LOS MACUANOS Alma – from ‘Fonogramaticos Vol.4’ on Club Fonograma, 2009 (Mexico)
17. KIXLY Surfline Coaster – previously unreleased, courtesy of Kixly/Moises Horta, 2009 (Mexico)
18. TREMOLO AUDIO Rosita (LUCRECIA Remake) – from ‘Visitas: a collection of remixed tremolo audio’ on Mil Records, 2008 (Mexico/Colombia)
19. SOKIO El Pueblo… (“Pueblo” GERARDO FIGUEROA Version) – from ‘Columbia Remixes’ on Pueblos Nuevo, 2009 (Chile)

img: Magdalena Pereza (Mexico)

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  1. Sergio

    February 11, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    If you like your cumbia layered, smokey, mystical and heavy on the 4-on-da-floor side…download this mixtape y gooozallooooooo!!

    Dos Mundos Radio/Huelepega Sound System

  2. NCT

    March 3, 2010 at 1:17 am

    fantastic mix! I forget if you’ve mentioned them in the past, but the ZZK podcasts by a few of these artists are well worth checking out as well

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