Reviews for Regional Curse – Natural Living

Our Regional Curse release ‘Natural Living’ has recently been reviewed in a number of titles – you can download the record for free on the ‘Natural Living’ release page.

Crawlspace is a new site dedicated to “strange / weird / beautiful / repugnant Australian music”. Editor Shaun Prescott notes that “the mix here is very clean and deep: there’s none of the crisp snare hiss of Rites Wild because this is very much a bass driven operation … There’s an almost liberating darkness here. It’s not oppressive, but rather spacious and thoughtful. The name “regional curse” is fitting because this doesn’t feel particularly urban. It never gets this dark in the city.” Read the full review at, along with their interview with Regional Curse aka Stacey Wilson.

We’re impressed when a writer takes the time to get under the skin of a release and truly lives and breathes the work. This review of Regional Curse from James Catchpole at A Closer Listen is one such review – “Natural Living, to an extent, reminisces over the remains of early synth music, with perhaps a longing for their return, but it is also its own futuristic temple, and the bones of the era are left to adorn the walls.” Read it in full at at

Beer On My Boat Shoes discuss witches at some length, before noting “this is genuinely unsettling music to be kept from impressionable children at all costs, that is if we’d like to maintain their disneyfied childhoods.”

Thanks also to Who The Hell? & Skydreams for picking up the record on their sites.