Fat Planet – Cacoy (Japan)

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mp3: CACOY yoko majikick ono

this sunday (21st may), it’s a japanese special on the fat planet radio show. to co-incide with the program, i’m flushing out some new japanese music from my bookmark collection, starting with cacoy. described as a ‘true japanese all-star band’, cacoy features members from tenniscoats and maher shalal hash baz alongside producer dj klock. the album “human is music” was released in japan in 2003, but didn’t see the light of day outside the country until this year when it was picked up by rumraket – the label run by danish electronic / post-rockers efterklang. tenniscoats’ saya and takashi ueno bring their trademark innocent lo-fi to this project, and whilst it might seem like recording with former dj krush collaborator klock would result in a brash collision of ideas; instead it is klock who strips back his hip hop and electronica production and meets the others firmly on their territory. the above mp3 will not be to everyone’s taste – it derived directly from the fisher-price school of music. when the oddly naive melody jumps in around the 1:10 mark, you might be inclined to have a chuckle to yourself. but perhaps that’s the point? one for eccentric-pop lovers everywhere.

album review from no ripcord